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The owner of Command tech in Curtis Bay, Baltimore is such a LOSER of a man!He and his employees are complete liars and very trashy low class people.

Do not trust any of them! There is no truth in anything they say. I can't even count just how many times these losers lied to us! Find a more reputable company.

One that has a GOOD reputation. Not a terrible one like Command Technology, Inc.! He does use and abuse people like the UNDER AGE intern girl who was only like 14 he LURED to *** with him!

he continues to LURE very young women and offer to PAY THEM FOR SEX!..This man is a disgusting douche bag!!!

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This info.is so TRUE!

Anyone who says "***" is just George Braswell or his worker ants trying to cover for him.:grin :p

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